A Bucket Load of Bricks: What to do with Your Bricks after Demolishing a Wall or Building

When planning a demolition job on your property, perhaps to remove an old shed or wall, it helps to plan your waste management strategy beforehand. Otherwise, you could be left with a yard full of broken bricks and debris, which could attract all manner of crawling creeping pests. Planning skip bin hire for construction waste in advance will help you to easily dispose of any unneeded materials.

However, if you are tearing down a wall or building made of brick, you could actually recycle some of your bricks. 

Use Them to Build Something Else

No matter how old the building or wall, the bricks in it can likely be reused for another building project. 

Bricks that are in good condition can be used for another building project, such as one you might do in your garden. Walls, raised garden beds, paths and landscaping borders are just some of the things you can use old bricks for.

Ask around and see if any of your friends are planning a construction project in the near future as well.

You will probably be surprised at the number of people who would be more than happy to take any bricks off your hands. However, bear in mind that bricks that still have a large amount of cement clinging to them will be all but useless for aesthetic purposes, and so you may also need to invest in a skip bin to dispose of these.  

Sell them to a Salvage Company

If you do a little research you will probably find at least one or two salvage companies in your area that would be more than happy to buy the bricks from you. Because bricks are composed of entirely natural materials they can be recycled and used for many purposes.

Salvage companies buy old bricks and demolition waste to repurpose and sell so it can be used for other building projects instead of going to waste.

Take them to Your Community Recycling Centre

Some recycling centres are willing to take on and recycle unwanted bricks. Seek out a recycling centre near you and offer them your bricks so they can repurpose them as sand, cement or even use your broken bricks to create new bricks. Not all recycling centres accept bricks but with a little research, you should be able to find one that does.

You won't always have time to spend on recycling, especially where bricks are concerned due to the weight and bulk involved. However, if you seek out a reputable skip bin provider near you before beginning any demolition work, you can quickly and easily dispose of your bricks whilst you work without worrying about brick debris clogging up your working area.