Top Rubbish Management Tips for Australian Homes

Most of the material items used in your home almost always end up as rubbish. Rubbish produced in the home comes in an infinite range of sizes — some are as small as old pens, while others can be as large as an old mattress. But where does all the garbage end up after it leaves the home? Typically, the waste is sent to a landfill where it occupies precious land, which could have been put into productive use. This is not good for the environment. 

There is a great need to reduce the amount of waste that is deposited at landfills, and this is something that can be achieved at the household level, starting with practising the following waste management tips.


Most local councils in Australia rovide waste recycling facilities to encourage homeowners to recycle their waste instead of discarding it. These recycling facilities normally accept recyclable materials, such as metal, cardboard, plastics, paper, etc. By the end of the recycling process, waste items that would have been destined for the landfill are turned into materials for making brand new products. This is highly beneficial to the environment, given the ever-increasing demand for new products. 


Compost green waste, such as grass clippings, fallen leaves, stale fruits and vegetables, instead of sending the rubbish to the landfill. Dig up a hole in your yard or garden where you can discard your green waste and use it for your gardening once it turns into manure. This way, you will not only reduce the volume of waste that leaves your home but also find a productive use for the waste. 


Instead of sending every unused item in the home straight to the garbage bin, you should find some creative uses for them. Use empty glass jars to store cereals, cooking spices, leftover and even your children's beads and crayons, for example. If you cannot find any good use for some unwanted items in the home, you should consider donating them to someone who can use them. Some local charities will appreciate old furniture, books, toys and other items that are still in good shape. 

Part of maintaining a functional home is making sure that the rubbish produced in the home is properly managed. While every household might have a unique way of managing its rubbish, you can never go wrong with the above-highlighted tips. Talk to your local rubbish management for more tips.