Sharps Collection

Sharps need to be disposed of in a proper manner. The unique nature of sharps collection requires a professional to ensure that it is done appropriately. This is done in an aim to ensure that no one can get hurt or contract diseases from used sharps. The institutions which require professional sharps collection services include:

  • Healthcare facilities.
  • Clinics
  • Dentists
  • Nursing homes
  • Doctors
  • Body piercing establishment
  • Vet clinics

The institutions which utilise sharps are required by law to adhere to proper ways of disposing of sharps. This helps them keep their premises safe, clean and hygienic for their users and staff.


Sharps collection services usually include the collection and supply of a wide array of clinical and related products and sharps containers. Sharps containers are supplied by sharps collection professionals to ensure that they do not get mixed up with other types of trash. They are also safer when disposed in sharps containers because they cannot be reused. Sharp collection contractors offer convenient, cost-effective and flexible services by providing their clients with quality equipment and consumables that meet the set standards by various authorities who oversee how Biohazardous waste is disposed of in Australia.

Container removal and supply

Sharps need to be disposed of in containers which are provided by sharps collectors. They, later on destroy, the sharps securely after collecting them. The sharps collection containers should be made in compliance with Australian Standards AS4031-1992. The containers are tested thoroughly before being dispatched for use to ensure that they cannot be penetrated.

Sharps container also known as a Bio can is a single unit piece which means that it does not need to be assembled upon delivery. They have been made and tested by professionals for use as soon as they get to your premises so you can rest assured that it will not leak any fluids if it is knocked over or if it will come apart if it falls down. The bio can offered by sharps collection contractors can have a funnel top or a screw cap based on your preferences. This ensures that the bio can in your premises has a lid that is convenient for you to use.

Sharps collection service providers are always happy to visit your site if you are not sure of what may be best for you. They will come to your premises and understand your needs before they give you sharps collection services in which you can choose from.