Key Questions to Ask Skip Bin Hire Service Providers

You need the right equipment when renovating your home or conducting a landscaping project. A skip bin is one of the mandatory pieces of equipment that you cannot do without as far as home renovation and landscaping projects go. For instance, they help your collect and remove rubbish easily and effortlessly. However, skips bins are primarily available as hire equipment, and different service providers have varying terms of service. Therefore, you need to ask service providers the right questions for the proper use of skip bins. This post highlights some essential inquiries.

What Kind of Waste Is Prohibited?

Just because you are spending money hiring skip bins does not mean you can use the containers any way you like. Different skip bin hire services have various terms of service regarding the usage of containers. For instance, while some hire services accept asbestos in their skip bins, others prohibit the disposal of such toxic material. Therefore, if you dispose of rubbish that a service provider prohibits, you expose yourself to huge fines. In this regard, ask skip bin hire services about the type of rubbish they do not accept in their bins. Asking the question before hiring skip bins goes a long way in ensuring you use containers correctly and avoid fines.

Do You Offer Emergency Pick-Ups?

Skip bin hire firms also provide pick-up services. However, you must first agree on a schedule to avoid confusion during pick-ups. For example, if you hire a skip bin for a landscaping project, you can request a service provider to pick the container every two days. However, you might need collection services earlier than you anticipated, which is why emergency pick-ups are crucial. For instance, if you recruit the help of friends and family in a landscaping project, the chances are high that a skip bin will fill faster. Thus, you need to call a service provider earlier than agreed. Notably, most services charge extra for emergency skip bin pick-up.

Are you Licenced to Collect Hazardous Materials?

It is one thing for skip bin hire services to accept hazardous materials in their bins and another to be licenced to collect the same. You must be careful about who you release hazardous waste to because it can cause problems. Therefore, if you dispose of hazardous waste, such as asbestos and batteries, if the skip bins of a service provider are not licenced to handle such materials, you could end up in trouble. If you plan to dispose of hazardous waste, ask whether a skip bin provider is licenced to handle the same. To learn more, contact a skip bin hire service.