Sharps Collection

Sharps need to be disposed of in a proper manner. The unique nature of sharps collection requires a professional to ensure that it is done appropriately. This is done in an aim to ensure that no one can get hurt or contract diseases from used sharps. The institutions which require professional sharps collection services include: Healthcare facilities. Clinics Dentists Nursing homes Doctors Body piercing establishment Vet clinics The institutions which utilise sharps are required by law to adhere to proper ways of disposing of sharps. [Read More]

Why go for commercial bin hire?

Garbage disposal is one of the many challenges facing every household or business. You need to have a cost-effective way to deal with waste. Luckily, commercial bin hire can provide you with an easier and efficient waste management option especially if you own a small business.  Commercial bin hire offers you so many benefits as opposed to buying bins and disposing the waste on your own. Some of the benefits of commercial bin hire are: [Read More]

Top Rubbish Management Tips for Australian Homes

Most of the material items used in your home almost always end up as rubbish. Rubbish produced in the home comes in an infinite range of sizes — some are as small as old pens, while others can be as large as an old mattress. But where does all the garbage end up after it leaves the home? Typically, the waste is sent to a landfill where it occupies precious land, which could have been put into productive use. [Read More]

When Your Events Waste Away: 4 Ways to Ensure Your Next Event Isn't Ruined by Waste

When organising an event, especially an outdoor event, one of your top priorities should always be waste management. No matter how big or small your event, there will always be waste. However, if you have an effective waste management plan, you can reduce the damage to your image and more importantly, the environment. In 2015, 46,000 concerts worldwide sold approximately 60 million plastic water bottles and about 130 million items of paper waste. [Read More]